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Miroku & Sango Fiction
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19th-Jul-2015 03:57 am - Severely Overdue Banners
So, while avoiding sleep tonight I took a look at some of my old comms and came across this one and realized there was a ridculously severe backlog of banners due, so I took it upon myself to use my not-so mad skills at banner making and made some for you guys! The banners are for weeks 62-74. Week 74 never got an official results post, but according to the tally, it was landofthekwt, so congrats!

I know they are RIDICULOUSLY late but hey better late than never right? LOL They are all under the cut. Please comment once you see it because I realize this community is no longer an active one and I want to make sure everyone sees theres. Therefore, if I haven't heard from you in 2 weeks time, I will PM those who did not comment to ensure your banners are received!!

These members have banners under the cut: landofthekwt, quirkysmuse, eggplantlady, sweetly_beth, aimee_blue, starzki, sangoxmiroku132, pandastarz

Also, here is a not-so-shiny banner everyone who wrote for the comm can enjoy:



I really hope everyone is doing well! I miss the IY fandom!
su - lapis lazuli
27th-Feb-2012 01:13 pm - Votes Needed
Hey everyone, the last prompt needs votes! As of now there are only two, and with them we have a tie, so please if you haven't had the chance vote HERE. Voting will remain open until we have enough votes to declare a winner. Thanks!
21st-Feb-2012 02:40 pm - Prompt #74 Voting
I'm so sorry that this is a few days late!

We have two eligible entries for Prompt #74 - Reflection, and now it's time to choose the winner. Pick your top favorite by name or letter, in a comment to this post. Comments are screened to preserve your anonymity.

Remember: no voting for your own entry.

Voting closes on Friday, February 24th, 2012 at 11:59pm EST

A) Reflections of the Way Life Used to Be

B) The Holy Firefly
13th-Feb-2012 01:31 am - Prompt #74 Reflection
Title: The Holy Firefly
Author: howlingowl
Word Count: 429
Warnings: None
Rating: K
Prompt: Reflection
Characters: Sango, mention of Miroku and Kagome
Summary: Realization hits like a tidal wave.

To the undertow...Collapse )
howlingowl art, jiruart
12th-Feb-2012 09:36 am - Prompt #74 Extension
Since we only received one entry and this is the last prompt ever to be hosted in this community, I am extending the prompt for one more week, thus making it due Feb 19th by midnight. Hopefully we have some more entries by then!
8th-Feb-2012 03:08 pm - Prompt 74 Reflection
Title Reflections of the Way Life Used to Be
Author landofthekwt
Rating K
Prompt Reflection (miroku/Sango Fic)
Word Count 865
Warning none
Summary Sango reflects on what her children have become
A/N Last prompt for Miroku/Sango Fiction LJ . A good ride. Thanks to all who modded, wrote or participated in the prompt. My 100th entry in Hiraikotsu and Kazaana on ffnet

Read more...Collapse )
ima cut you
6th-Feb-2012 10:55 am - Reminder
Just a reminder the current contest ends in five days time and as of yet there are no entries. This is the last one guys, let's go out with a bang!
1st-Feb-2012 09:47 am - Prompt #73 Results
Your winner for prompt 73 is....

Delusion by sangoxmiroku132

29th-Jan-2012 08:39 am - Announcement
After much thought, I have decided that mirsan_fics will be closed for contests after the current prompt ends. It has been a long run, and a great one, but the participation isn't what it was and I'd like to end on a good note.

I want to thank eggplantlady for everything she has done, because lets be real. I may have created this community, but she kept it together, and I don't think she knows how much I appreciate it! So thank you mam, you have been the glue keeping this comm together and you are awesome!

Also, thank you to everyone else who has helped mod over time, your help was appreciated!

Last, but not least, thank you to all of the members who have written for us! This community wouldn't be here as long as it was without you all.

So with that in mind, let's write for this last contest and go out with a bang!

And don't forget to vote for prompt 73!
29th-Jan-2012 08:33 am - Prompt #74
The theme for prompt 74 is.....

January 29th - February 11th
Word Count: 1000 or fewer
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